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Administrative Organization

  The eighth revision of administration regulations of the Experimental Forest has been made in 2002. Based on the new regulations, the positions of Director and Deputy-Director have been established, which are appointed by the principle of the university. For comprehensive management purposes, six administrative divisions and two sections had been established too, in which a chief is set in each division and section. There are six tracts under its jurisdiction including Xitou, Qingshuigou, Shuili, Neimaopu, Heshe, and Duigaoyue etc. Additionally, there is also one Wood Utilization Center for students’ practice.

  In 2002, the number of researchers was increased from 9 to 21 by converting the positions of 4 technicians, 3 unit officers and 5 assistant technicians. Since then, there have been 20 new researchers recruited. As of September 2007, there are 7 associate researchers, 13 research assistants on duty. The main purposes of recruiting researchers are to make up the deficiencies of human resources while enhancing the research atmosphere and level.

  There are 155 clerks, in which 20 researchers, 46 specialists, 16 administrative staff, 73 technicians as of September 2007. All of them have worked hard to show their best performance after the reduction of human resource.