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       Forest is the vital part of a country, and social safety depends deeply on forest land. The Experimental Forest regards the sustainable forest management as its final purpose, and offer a good forest environment to the public besides its goals in teaching and field practice, experiment research, training, investigation or viewing for the relevant departments of all schools or universities and other relevant institutes.
      The Experimental Forest has abundant nature resources and biodiversity and habitats, where the Xiaping, Xitou, Heshe, and Fenghuang Nature Education Area, Shuili Wood Utilization and Product Exhibition Center etc. nature education areas have been strengthened and integrated actively. In addition, the Experimental Forest has been laid out substantially according to development background of all nature education areas, nature resources and users’ demands to be perfect and unique nature education areas.
      The management philosophy of the Experimental Forest will focus on advancing the global ecology conservation, sustainable development, considering ecological principal and economical demands. We will pay attention to maintaining and strengthening productivity of forest lands and diversity of ecology to make various nature resources under sustained utilization.
     The Experimental Forest will also adjust the operation orientation at proper time, giving attention to the forest ecosystem management depending on social, economic, ecological and technical demands to maintain forest resources, and promote forest to develop healthily. Accordingly, the national property can be protected through national land protection and water resources conservation. Moreover, we will cultivate forestry professionals continuously to make the Experimental Forest be a perfect nature education forest.

                      觀景台                      瞭望台日出
                     Cloister the Fenghuang Traditional                             Xitou Sunrise Observation 
                     Culture & Nature Education Area.                               Plaza and Gazebo