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Road Map of  NTU Experimental Forest

There are two main roads linking the Experimental Forest and the outside world. Yen-chi Road(County Road 151 ), which connects the Xitou and Qingshuigou Tracts, joins Provincial Highway 3, which extends north to Nantou and Taichung and south to Douliu and Jiayi. Old Highway 21 (now called the Shuili section of the New Central Cross-Island Highway), connects the Heshe, Neimaopu and Shuili Tracts. It joins Provincial Highway 16 below Shuili. Beyond Mingjian, Provincial Highway 16 intersects with Provincial Highway 3. After Heshe, the Shuili section of the New Central Cross-Island Highway passes through the village of Shenmu, Caopingtou. In Tatajia, it intersects with the Jiayi section of the Central Cross-Island Highway, which goes to Mount Ali and then to the city of Jiayi.

Within the Experimental Forest, most roads are small forest roads used to access different tracts and agricultural areas. Altogether, there are 78 forest roads with a total length of 370 kilometers. However, some forest roads have not been used for a long time because landslides and road collapse have made them impassable. On average, there are 9.18 meters of forest road per hectare. The Experimental Forest has such a high ratio of forest roads because it was established a long time ago. Thus, the transportation network is relatively convenient and fast.